About Us

Team MUPL is glad to be amongst pioneer families having versatile experience in all kinds of pulses industry. Our highly qualified and experienced board of directors have proven experience of manufacturing, handling, trading, packaging and sales of pulses all across the globe. This poises us to be the only complete and best experienced pulses manufacturer and traders across India.

Pulses industry has seen dramatic changes in last few decades. Traditional buying/ trade and sales have changed to high-tech commodity exchanges. These exchanges have taken over nerve and hence it is equally important for every trader/ manufacturer and buyer in industry to have to detailed depth of market and future ahead. At MUPL, we believe in transparent, cost concious and quality driven relationship. Every transaction executed by MUPL holds benchmark values of highest principles, fair and transparent business approach and values quality at primary long term business relationship.

Double Dolphin, Mount King, Raj Gate are our most promising and high quality produces available in consumer packs of half kilogram, 1kg, 5kg along with bulk packs and are ready to cook. Our quality processes make sures to avail highest quality standards to make eating them as one of most joyous, nutritional and memorable mouth watering taste.

Our multiple processing units serve to produce all varietis of pulses from newly harvested crop using its ultra modern mechanism to retain natural goodness of pulses. Sortex Z-series computerised machine imported from London(UK) insures removal of all impurities. All packagings done here are untouched and are directly packed without any human intervention.

Continuous use of latest technologies, modern communication means, best throughput generating and automated machinery along with food standards implementation and best understanding of market needs distinguishes us as one of unique, most satisfying and trusted associate partner for all your pulses requirements.